What sinatraa leaving OWL means for Overwatch?

Overwatch MVP of 2019 leaves OWL

Sinatraa the Overwatch league MVP of 2019 just left Overwatch to pursue his new career in VALORANT.

Saying everyone was caught a little off guard would be a huge understatement. Sinatraa was in a way the face of the Overwatch League. And him leaving his successful career in Overwatch behind to become a pro in another title that isn’t even out of its closed beta yet, leaves a lot of questions to be answered.

In his farewell note, he talked about how he actually lost “passion” for Overwatch last year. And it wasn’t a decision he made overnight. After a month of thinking about it, he figured out he should do what was best for him.

2-2-2 lock and bans made the move easier?

idk what the real killer was for me but maybe it was 2-2-2 lock maybe it was bans im not sure… i just know it was hard for me to log on to play and i didnt have fun in scrims/ranked at all anymore.” he wrote in his farewell note.

Overwatch’s obsession with ever-evolving meta has actually made the competitive scene more unpredictable than it needs to be. This has caused many pro players to leave the scene indefinitely.

At the end of the day, his move to Sentinel as a part of their pro VALORANT roster surprised everyone. Overwatch league lost its most decorated player in the league. His pursuit to start something new in VALORANT was solidified from some of the decisions made by Blizzard. The future of the Overwatch League now looks really gloom in comparison to other esports leagues around the world. Maybe Overwatch 2 will turn things around for OWL in the future.

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