What is Viper’s “Swoop Peek” in VALORANT and why it is the talking point in the pro community

VALORANT is a game focusing heavily on the unique abilities of its different agents. Because of this, players are always creating new and tactful uses of these abilities to gain an advantage over their opponents. One such tactic is the use of Viper’s Poison Cloud in a creative way called the “Swoop Peek”

Viper is a Controller agent in VALORANT albeit being on the less popular end. With Viper getting some major buffs in the latest patch 2.06, she might be a viable option again. Viper has 3 abilities: Poison cloud, Snakebite and Toxic Screen along with Viper’s Pit as her ultimate.
Her Poison Cloud ability throws a projectile that stops where it lands. She can release poison from it which damages as well as blocks vision. The ability can also be toggled off at will.

How to perform the Swoop Peek

The toggle ability of the poison cloud is used here. When toggled off, it clears the line of sight for the Viper using it a split second before the animation completes to anyone viewing it from the outside. In a fast-paced game like VALORANT, this split-second vision advantage is hugely advantageous in securing the kill. This tactic is termed as the “Swoop Peek”

This ability is exclusive to Viper because it doesn’t work with other smokes. Viper’s smoke being on a toggle makes it reliable as well. This technique is so good it’s taking the community as well as the Pro scene by storm. Also with the viper buffs in the latest patch, expect to see a lot of players employ this technique.

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