What happed to Top Lane and Why Sona and Soraka Top is a thing

Top lane in League of Legends has always been one of the least impactful roles pre-late game but there have been some key changes that made Top lane even less impactful. Sona and Soraka Top are just only a symptom of an underlying problem of the Top lane.

Many players are saying, “How to have the most impact playing top lane: Leave the top lane”. The phase alone describes the current meta where Sona, Soraka and other enchanter supports can just wait till level 6 and totally ignore the lane afterward and be more relevant than others. Riot did say that they are going to nerf Soraka Top pretty hard but fixing Soraka Top is just going to be placement change from the Top lane and this does not change the fact that Top lane is still going to be bad even after that.

Reddit user Less-Pepper pointed out some interesting facts about how Top lane is bad right now.

  • Teleport Nerf: Riot nerfed Teleport pretty hard in the patch v8.23 and with high cooldown most of the time Top laners are just stranded without a gameplan besides “praying all game my laners do fine before I eventually get a slight chance to group up”.
  • The addition of Turret Plating: Turret plating, which punishes you for even attempting to affect the game early on. If a Top laner tries to roam mid or bot for dragon or a fight and enemy top laner pushes and get additional 500 gold from the plates in that short span, you are kinda screwed. And in order to save himself a lot of Top laners don’t like to roam which keeps them as prisoners
  • Bad Matchups: Top lane has become the most disgusting lane to play in terms of matchups. Many champions like Darius, Renekton and other bruiser champions if the get ahead it’s way harder to catch up to them. And many times ranged champions are played to counter the bruisers. As a result, even a slight lead can make Top laners, laning phase completly destroyed.
  • Dragon Changes: With Dragon changes in the pre season, games are more reliant on Dragon. Every game comes down to which team gets the first drake, and if they go long enough, which team gets the soul. Every game is decided by dragon now unless your teams insanely ahead. And most of the time Top laners can not help their teammates because of the problems mentioned earlier.
  • Items: We had that awful tank meta a while back and they added lots of penetration and max hp stuff, but now we’re in a state where “armor” and “magic resist” feel like fake stats. They really feel like something you’re “supposed” to buy but don’t do anything for you anymore. A lot of time items like Thornmail does not do its job and many other bruiser items are being expensive. As a result, champions like Soraka and Sona are abusing this and building spellthiefs and leaving the lane. Meanwhile, Ornn can build a full tank and still one-shot anyone in the laning phase.

There was a time when ADCs were pretty bad and nobody played actually ADCs in the bot lane, the situation with the Top lane might be even worse than that ADC situation. And to be more impactful throughout the game people are playing Sona, Soraka and other enchanter supports in the top lane.

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