Weird West: All playable characters

There is blood; there is mutiny, there is darkness; all in Weird West. Let me show you all the playable characters in Weird West today needed to get past this darkness.

Humor in Weird West is like my skin color. Both are dark, and the tone as well. The mood fills up when the eerie music starts to tune in while blood is on your screen. You play in stealth mode or combat mode; it does not matter. All it matters is the decisions you have to make throughout the game.

There are five characters to play with, and the plots are uniquely written stories. Their own vignette story takes place on the map of the West. These characters have all different abilities along with special skills. Let me guide you through these characters to get a broad overview from the very start.

The Bounty Hunter

At the very beginning, you will meet with Jane Bell. She is going through a hard time since her husband was kidnapped and her farm was destroyed by a gang named Stillwater. You will soon find yourself in the deep pool of weirdness, but still relatively typical compared to what is coming in the next episodes.

She got some cool abilities, and Charm is one of them. Her Charm can turn foes into friends. Other than this, she is also an expert with mine. And the time moves slower when she is around; that correlates a little bit with what Einstein said once.

The Pigman

Pigman lives by his name. Cursed by a witch, some people have no other options without being a hog and without a rider. Their only option is now finding the truth, finding the meaning of what purpose do the Pigmen serve.

These people can create a shockwave on the ground. And being in thick skin, bullets seem to bounce back here and there. Even though they are without riders, they can charge with deadly damage.

The Protector

Just when you have entered into the 3rd episode, you will find yourself a Kemosabe of the dessert. He is a native hunter from the Lost Fire Nation tribe. You have to exorcise the demon, known by Windigo, who lives as Greed into peoples’ minds. And if you are native, you should also be prepared that the colonizers are there somewhere.

This protector can summon animals that will fight by your side. Even mother nature sometimes responds to his calls. He surely knows how to be in super stealth mode as he knows his way around the native homeland.

The Werewolf

You have come across the fourth episode. You can be a Van Helsing now. Well, yes, but actually, no. You can definitely turn yourself into a werewolf, but you will be reverting to Desiderio Rios instead of Helsing. So, this is more like a prophecy that is established to drive away from the opposition forces from the West.

Being a werewolf brings some perks as well. You can go invisible just before going on a rampage. You can even heal yourself if you feel a bit out of juice; perk advantage, huh!

The Oneriest

Constance is the character you will be playing in the final episode. He is an Oneriest. He seeks the power to see the future that only can be harnessed from the Dreaming Trees. So you have to make your choices carefully here.

Being an Oneriest gives you the perk of teleporting. And what is better than distracting the foes with a clone? Last but not least, you can also summon bolts of lightning to impact destructive damage on the enemies.

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