Vampire Survivors: All Weapon Combinations

Abu Bakar Karim
By Abu Bakar Karim
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Vampire Survivors

Learn about the various weapon combos to proceed further in the late phase of Vampire Survivors.

Luca Galante, aka Poncle, made sure that this Vampire Survivors, a rogue-like RPG, stays the fun game as it is no matter how much further the game advances. Indeed, tough challenges are ahead, but that is just the universal rule of mother nature. Being the way it is, this Indie game gained popularity fast just to provide gamers with the sheer joy of slaying down some monsters.

All you need to survive is a good strategy with a good player build. Upgrade your arsenal to have a better grip on the game from the very first. You can even change to different characters by purchasing with in-game currencies. As our primary focus for today will be on weapons and their possible combos, let’s get back into it.

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All Weapons in Vampire Survivors

Below are the active weapons in Vampire Survivors; scroll down and think you can find fancy.

  • Ax: Lama Ladonna likes weapons with high damage and high area scaling.
  • Bone: The skeletal figure Mortaccio’s favorite weapon; ironic. It can be thrown as a bouncing projectile. And it scales with bonuses from all stats, lovely.
  • Carrello: Ramba, the undead, throws this bouncy thing just to mess around.
  • Clock Lancet: Pick up the first Orologion from torches to unlock this one; foes might get frozen in time. Just like Dio’s Za Warudo.
  • Cross: Korichi Freeto, the red devil, got his likings into crosses; things got interesting. It can be aimed at the nearest enemy. I assure you, you won’t have to find it in the bushes. It has a boomerang built-in or something like this.
  • Ebony Wings: The slimy ghost Exdash Exiviiq’s favorite thing to bombard areas around him. It scales with bonuses from all stats.
  • Fire Wand: Mystery figure Arca Ladonna wields this one. Aim randomly, but the damage comes out heavy.
  • Garlic: The wise one, Poe Ratcho, likes to freeze nearby enemies while dealing some good damage at the same time. It can also be used to reduce resistance to knockbacks.
  • King Bible: Dommario, the doubtful astrologer, just doesn’t throw the bible at anyone, I am sure about that. Instead, it orbits around him. It scales with bonuses from all stats.
  • Knife: Gennaro Belpaese, the gladiator, seems really flexible with knives. Can be fired to the direction you face to deal with some critical damages.
  • Laurel: Can be used as a shield.
  • Lightning Ring: Porta Ladonna strikes arbitrarily at random foes with this ring.
  • Magic Wand: Imelda Belpaese might be related to Genaro somehow. But she likes to fire with a wand instead of knives.
  • Peachone: For bombarding a circular area. Scales with bonuses from all stats.
  • Pentagram: Can be used to flatten anything in sight.
  • Phiera Der Tuphello: Pugnala seems like an assassin whose job is to stab foes from the back or just fire this weapon thingy in the four directions simultaneously.
  • Runetracer: Pasqualina Belpaese passes Runetracer through the foes just to expect it will bounce back to her. It also scales with bonuses from all stats.
  • Santa Water: The nun Suor Clerici exorcises with Santa water which also will generate damaging zones.
  • Whip: Antonio comes from the vampire slayer family who just whips out horizontally through the foes.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolution Combinations

Now, let’s look at the upgraded versions of the weapons and their stats. Made any decisions yet on whom to play with?

  • Bloody Tear: Whip + Hollow Heart
    • Deal some crit damages and, in return, get some HP.
  • Death Spiral: Ax + Candelabrador
    • Pass through the foes just like in the scene in Wanted.
  • Hellfire: Fire Wand + Spinach
    • Pass through the foes just like the last discipline.
  • La Borra: Santa Water + Attractorb
    • Santa water just got upgraded, and now you can increase the damage zone just by making it follow you.
  • Soul Eater: Garlic + Pummarola
    • Garlic evolves just to recover the lost HP while your power increases simultaneously.
  • Heaven Sword: Cross + Clover
    • Cross boomerang can now do crit damage.
  • Thousand Edges: Knife + Bracer
    • Fire the evolved knives without any delay.
  • Thunder Loop: Lightning Ring + Duplicator
    • The ring can now strike twice.
  • Unholy Vespers: King Bible + Spellbinder
    • The orbiting will never end.

How do Weapon Combinations Work?

There are some things to check up on before making a weapon combo. Let’s have an eye on it:

  • Upgrade the weapon of your choice to the max level, which is level 8.
  • Find the passive item to complete the combo. These items are spawned from time to time on the map. Check out for their rarity.
  • Now, you must survive at least 10 minutes and defeat the boss that keeps spawning.
  • Just when the boss hits the ground, you will receive a treasure chest.
  • What is in the chest, you wonder? You will find the weapon of your choice upgraded fresh out of the oven.

And that is all I had for the weapon combinations for Vampire Survivors. Until next time!

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