We could be getting a new No Man’s Sky DLC soon

No Man’s Sky founder hinted on Twitter that a new DLC could be on its way.

When you think about open-world exploration games, you think about games like No Man’s Sky. The game has only been getting better ever since the rocky release. With more content, maps, and an entire universe to explore, you could spend hours just exploring a planet and learning about the inhabitants. Furthermore, the recent tweet from Sean Murray could be a hint to a new DLC for No Man’s Sky.

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No Man’s Sky is one of the biggest open-world games to release on all platforms. In fact, it was found that it has around 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets in its universe. So, it would take you around 585 billion years to visit each planet for only one second.

No Man’s Sky had its issues when it first came out on consoles for the first time. The backslash they faced was similar to what Cyberpunk 2077 experienced this year. Although as time passed, they kept on adding more content and further improving the game.


It has been almost five years since the game came out, and we are still getting more content for the game. A tweet earlier from Sean Murray may be a potential hint to what is coming in the following months. The tweet included a photo that shows all the extra content added to the game. Throughout the fifteen panels of expansions, only one seems to be missing from the picture. Are we getting a new expansion pack to complete the picture? The tweet did not include any caption, so we cannot be entirely sure.

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There is no official announcement about the space exploration simulator game getting a DLC. All of this is still speculation, but we are optimistic about getting a new expansion pack. No Man’s Sky is available on PC games, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S.

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