WB Montreal’s Gotham Knights-all the details

WB’s newest title in the Batman saga, Batman Gotham Knights was revealed yesterday at DC Fandome event.

So, all that rumors about Gotham Knights of the past is now a reality. Although the game will not be a continuation in the Arkham series. WB’s Gotham Knights will set a new story along with some new gameplay changes.

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The story starts with showing that Batman has been killed, after an explosion in Wayne Manor. According to the trailer, it seems the deed was done by the Court of Owls. With the caped crusader no more, Gotham City now rests upon the disciples- Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood.

credit: Gamespot

Yes, the game will playable as any of the 4 heroes and sidekicks of the now fallen Batman. In addition, co-op multiplayer is a main feature of the game. So players can team up and defend Gotham from the Talons and their leader, The Court of Owls. Hence, can figure what happened and how such fate fell upon Batman.

The gameplay trailer is below.

Furthermore, the gameplay trailer shows Batgirl and Robin taking on Mr. Freeze which even shows some use of split-screen, fused with the solid Batman Arkham combat formula.

We could even see some RPG mechanics such as enemy levels and corresponding health. So it’s safe to say the game will feature some sort of RPG elements. We hope it’s not an excuse for meaningless grinding and microtransactions.

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