Was the extra passive Nerf to the low profile characters in Apex Legends really necessary?

Was this really necessary?

In the recent patch of Apex Legends, low profile characters received an extra layer of Nerf to their already fragile hitpoints.

Along with 5% more damage to these characters, now low profile Legends such as wraith, Pathfinder, Lifeline, Watson will receive the same damage numbers even if they are hit on their legs. Now, this has already stirred up the community. Some think that this extra passive Nerf was necessary while most others think that this was totally unnecessary.

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Apex Legends always had a problem with their characters and hit points. It wasn’t long after release that people figured out characters like Gibraltor and Caustic had a huge disadvantage in a 1v1 situation. On the other hand, Legends like wraith would dominate with their low profile structures.

After all the players complained, Respawn finally decided to do something about that and gave “fortification” to Legends with huge hitpoints while they also Nerfed low profile characters with “low profile“. Now in the new update, low profile characters got another set of Nerfs.

While it is mostly ok for Legends like Wraith, other Legends like Lifeline and Watson will now have to deal with more sett backs as a result of this particular nerf. Many players who main low profile characters were really vocal against this change as most of them feel that this extra layer of Nerf was kind of unnecessary.

One step forward and two steps back

With each update, it seems like Respawn is nailing some aspects like this necessary Buff to Revenant. At the same time, they changed some unnecessary things like inventory, extra low profile nerf, etc. It really looks like they are taking some good steps but messing up some other ones along the way.

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The new season of Apex Legends is already on the horizon. With games like VALORANT, COD Warzone already looking really promising, it seems like Respawn would have to really pull things together to really make a big splash one more time.

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