Warzone: The new DMR 14 is seemingly overpowered by a long shot

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Activision

The DMR 14 is a recently included weapon in Warzone. Players are quite worried about the firepower possession of this weapon. 

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Warzone players are obsessed with the newly arrived Tactical Rifle, the DMR 14. It’s a semi-automatic, long-range rifle with good penetration power. Although the gun has some peculiar characteristics, players are frequently picking it up as their default weapon of choice. The devastating impact of DMR 14 in a long-range firefight is flawless. 

Usually, DMR or Designated Marksman Rifles are designed to pose grave threats towards enemies. In terms of precision, damage & control, the DMR 14 is gaining massive attention from the gunsmiths of Warzone. Players who can rapidly adapt & learn gun mechanics are adding the new Tactical Rifle in their primary loadouts. Thanks to the integration of BOCW into Warzone, players are finally getting to experiment with new armaments. 

The Call of Duty community on YouTube is actively discussing the gun’s potential. According to many popular Warzone YouTubers, DMR 14 is undoubtedly the most reliable gun in the game. While it’s getting high praises from influencers, many players are actually worried about the gun’s overall balance & damage. A large number of skilled marksman players are also demounting regular Sniper rifles from their loadouts to create space for DMR 14.

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Apart from its ability to knock out opponents from long distances, DMR 14 also proved to be a solid choice for Close Quarter Battles. Even though a huge portion of the community feels uncomfortable with the presence of this gun, it’s improbable that Activision will consider reducing DMR 14’s potential.

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