Warzone Streamer DavskaR Banned for Cheating Accusations During Twitch Rivals

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Call of Duty/Twitch

Twitch recently banned a Warzone Streamer called DavskaR after cheating accusations.

Recently during the European Warzone Twitch Rivals event, some suspicious events occurred. Apparently, some of the participants were using hacks during the Warzone Twitch Rivals Event.

Twitch Rivals participant Fifakill announced that there was a hacker in the custom lobbies for the Twitch Rivals event. Fifakill apparently landed on the hacker and killed him. His Tweer reads,

“There was a hacker in the custom lobby LMFAO! Game might be getting reset now but we can’t escape them haha! just found out I landed on him with a pistol and gunned him”.

Fifakill later made a Tweet saying that the hacker was streaming cheating the Warzone tournament and was also a Twitch partner. The Admin of the event apparently did not allow a reset and said the games will continue.

Below is a clip of DavskaR’s Twitch Rivals stream that was in question. Apparently after being accused of cheating DavskaR closed his camera for a long time and then turned on a hand cam. But some people pointed out that his aim was not as good as before.

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DavskaR Banned:

Just recently the accused of cheating Warzone streamer DavskaR was banned. A Twitter bot called StreamerBans announced the news of the ban.

According to yet another Tweet made by Fifakill, the Twitch Rivals event has been reset. He also tried to attract the attention of Raven software to this glaring issue.

Esports Talk made a video explaining the situation so if you want more context then you can watch the video below-

YouTube video

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