Warzone players have found a new bunker in Verdansk

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Activision

A massive new bunker in Verdansk has appeared after the Season One update of Warzone.

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The long-awaited integration of the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War finally took place. Warzone players now have access to Black Ops Cold War’s contents. As always, Activision isn’t being idle about supplementing the new season with a huge amount of content. To demonstrate Activision’s commitment towards the community, the developers are constantly opening up new areas to explore Verdansk.

Verdansk Airport Bunker Details

With that said, Warzone Season One has another surprise for the seasoned veterans. This time, a new bunker just emerged in the middle of the airfield of Verdansk International Airport. Initially, the bunker seems to have no solid entrance. From above, players will get to see a bombed-out spot in the airfield. It’s unclear if a controlled explosion or an airstrike caused such destruction to the airport. However, a hole in the middle of the wrecks is the only way to enter the bunker practically.

The new bunker’s interior is very comparable to a location previously seen in a Black Ops Cold War mission named “Desperate Measures.” Redditor Mundoschristmas‘s little tour of the bunker shows us exactly how crucial the bunker will be in the future. It’s not just an abandoned bunker with some hidden easter eggs; the entire underground complex is full of exclusive loots. Additionally, the bunker definitely contains more secrets than it resembles.

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Besides Superstore & Gulag, this bunker will be a prime landing spot for the scavengers. Despite the risk, Verdansk Airport is about to turn into an area of conflict. Some portions of the bunker are still inaccessible. Activision might allow players to discover more about the bunker in the future seasons.

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