Warzone: Players are reporting extensive reload animation time of Black Ops Cold War weapons

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Call of Duty YouTube Channel

Warzone players are worried about the long reload animation of the recently added Black Ops Cold War weapons. 

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Just like any Battle-royale title, Call of Duty Warzone is a fast-paced tactical shooter. Over 150 players engage in relentless combat, and only a handful of them makes it out alive. The entire battlefield is designed to favor speed over strategy. Although decision-making, leadership & tactics are required to gain the upper hand in some situations, agility is also needed to execute any plan.

Reload Animation Issues of BOCW Weapons

Black Ops Cold War is the most modern addition in the Call of Duty series. Last week Activision materialized their plan to mesh BOCW & Warzone to present a brand new experience for the players. Entire BOCW inventory shifted to Warzone, giving players the ability to use Cold War-era weapons in Verdansk. However, the transition hasn’t been very stable as players are now reporting an issue with these new weapons.

In a recent Reddit post, Th3ShitRebellion shared a clip that clearly shows the ongoing reload animation issues. While the duo was involved in a gunfight, one of the players decided to reload his FFAR 1 Assualt Rifle. Surprisingly, it seemed like the entire animation didn’t properly sync with the gun’s actual reloading mechanism. Even though the game’s visual & weapon systems are just fine, the unreasonably lengthy reload animation is the problem here. Not to mention the fact that Warzone players are more accustomed to faster reload animations.

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Now, Warzone players are forced to wait for the whole animation to complete unless they’re willing to fight with empty magazines. Such lengthy animations are unacceptable to Warzone veterans. Nonetheless, developers need to recognize the issue urgently; otherwise, these weapons might become obsolete in front of regular Warzone guns.

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