WarioWare: How To Play All The Micro Games

Here is how you can play all the microgames in WarioWare.

There is a vast rooster of Micro Games you can play in WarioWare: Get it Together. This rooster spans all categories, including Food, Sports, Nintendo Classic, and many more. However, you will not be able to play all the games that are in the game. So we have made a guide that will help you play all the Micro Games in the game.

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How to play all the Micro Games In WarioWare:

To unlock all the Micro Games in WarioWare, players will have the complete the story mode first. In fact, each Character has its category of Micro Games, and after you finish the story mode, this will unlock automatically.

Each category has its world, which has a set of microgames that you will need to unlock by playing. Furthermore, you will have to go to Play-o-Pedia and choose the Micro Game which has not been unlocked yet then go back to story mode button and press play.

If you fail to complete a Micro Game in a Category, you will have to play all of the Micro Games again to find that specific Micro Game since all of the microgames are randomized. After you complete all the microgames, a boss battle will start. After finishing the boss battle, you will unlock all the Micro Games in that particular category.

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If you achieve the “Collector” task for 500 coins apiece, you will have unlocked all of the games for that sector. Moreover, you may check your Play-o-media to see if you have all of the Micro Games for a category.

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