WarioWare: Full Characters And Moves List

WarioWare is finally out now on Nintendo Switch.

The latest addition to the Nintendo Switch’s library, WarioWare, is an action-packed game. It offers a series of microgames you can binge into for hours without getting bored. Not only that, you can enjoy the long list of games with 20 unique characters where each has its own moves and speciality. Furthermore, we have made a full list of all characters and their moves in WarioWare to give fans a better idea about the game.

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WarioWare: Get It Together offers a massive list of microgames with a twist of offering co-op and party games. In fact, players can quickly access all multiplayer games using the WarioWare Variety Pack, as it offers an entire bundle to play all of them. Moreover, the game is worth checking out as it provides different modes where you can play with different characters.

WarioWare Full Characters and Moves List:

Wario: Wario can dash and hover over using his jetpack.

5-Volt: She can teleport anywhere and create powerful shockwaves.

Ashley: Her abilities include riding her broom and casting spooky spells.

18-volt: He can stand in a fixed position and throw a powerful explosive disk.

Young Cricket: He follows on the path of his sensei Mantis. As you might have guessed from his name, he can leap high and run fast.

Kat: She is a young ninja who jumps continuously and throws shurikens to the right

Anna: She is a character you can play only in a 2 player or Variety packed mode. Her abilities are the same as Kat’s apart from she throws shurikens to the right.

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Orbulon: He uses his beams to suck everything into a spaceship, he can move freely, but you have to be quick to suck anything inside its spaceship.

Dribble: He can blast shots from the right side.

Spitz: Just like anna, he is also only available in 2 player or Variety packed mode. Moreover, just like Dribble, Spitz blast shots but to the left.

Jimmy T: He can thrust his hips into many directions causing heavy damage.

Mona: She can ride on a scooter and can throw a boomerang in any direction

Mike: He can glide across the map but can only shoot upwards

9-volt: Glides left and right and shoots yoyo upwards.

Red: He can move freely across the map and throw bombs downward

Master Mantis: He can super jump, attach himself to any wall and run across.

Lulu: She can float, even manipulate objects or enemies and also damage enemies with her hand ground pound

Penny: She moves by using water to push her and even can hover over it. It is also helpful at hitting targets anywhere on the map.

Pyro: He can move left and right, and using his tongue, he can push objects and enemies over the edge.

Crygor: He can move in any direction thanks to his device, which allows him to fly anywhere on the map

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