Warframe Best Primary Weapons 2022: Ranking All the Weapons from Worst to Best

Warframe has a vast array of weapons. Hence we list all the best primary weapons in Warframe for you to choose from.

In the expansive world of Warframe, weapons are endless. Hardly any other game of the same genre comes close to this game’s weapon variety and choice. Even though some are extremely hard to obtain. From rifles to bows, the game has it all.

Weapons in Warframe are divided into the categories of Arm Cannon, Assault Rifles, Bows, Launchers, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and furthermore, Spearguns.

All the Primary Weapons in Warframe 

There are currently 7 types of primary weapons in Warframe. Additionally, these types are further classifications. Such as Auto, Active, Held, etc. Hence, in total there are 108 weapons divided into these types and sub-types.

Arm Cannons

  • Auto:
    • Bubonico
    • Shedu

Assault Rifles

  • Active:
    • Simulor (Synoid)
  • Auto:
    • Acceltra 
    • Basmu 
    • Baza ( Prime)
    • Boltor ( Prime,  Telos)
    • Braton ( MK1,  Prime,  Vandal)
    • Buzlok  
    • Dera ( Vandal)
    • Tenet Flux Rifle 
    • Grakata ( Prisma)
    • Karak ( Kuva,  Wraith)
    • Mutalist Quanta 
    • Panthera ( Prime)
    • Quellor 
    • Prisma Tetra 
    • Tetra
  • Auto-Burst:
    • Battacor
  • Auto-Spool:
    • Gorgon (Prisma,Wraith)
    • Soma(Prime)
    • Supra(Vandal)
    • Tenora(Prime)
  • Burst:
    • Burston(Prime)
    • Harpak
    • Hema
    • Paracyst
    • Quartakk(Kuva)
    • Sybaris(dex,Prime)
    • Tiberon
  • Charge:
    • Miter
    • Opticor(Vandal)
  • Held:
    • Amprex
    • Flux Rifle
    • Glaxion(Vandal)
    • Ignis(Wraith)
    • Quanta(Vandal)
    • Synapse
  • Hybrid:
    • Ambassador
    • Argonak
    • Fulmin
    • Hind(Kuva)
    • Stahlta
    • Stradavar(Prime)
    • Tenet Tetra
    • Tiberon Prime
    • Zenith
    • Trumna
  • Semi-Auto:
    • Grinlok(Prsima)
    • Kuva Chakkhurr
    • Latron(Prime, Wraith)
    • Veldt


  • Auto:
    • Attica
    • Zhuge(Prime)
  • Charge:
    • Artemis Bow
    • Cernos(Mutalist, Prime, Proboscis, Rakta)
    • Daikyu
    • Dread
    • Kuva Bramma
    • Lenz
    • Paris(MK1, Prime)
  • Hybrid:
    • Nagantaka


  • Active:
    • Penta(Carmine, Secura)
  • Auto:
    • Tenet Envoy
  • Charge:
    • Ogris
  • Semi-Auto:
    • Kuva Ogris
    • Tonkor (Kuva)
    • Torid
    • Kuva Zarr
    • Zarr


  • Auto:
    • Astilla(Prime)
    • Boar(Prime)
    • Sobek
  • Auto-Spool:
    • Kohm(Kuva)
  • Charge:
    • Drakgoon(Kuva)
  • Duplex:
    • Tigris(Prime, Sancti)
  • Held:
    • Convectrix
    • Phage
    • Phantasma
  • Hybrid:
    • Cedo
  • Semi-Auto:
    • Arca Plasmor(Tenet)
    • Corinth Prime
    • Corinth
    • Exergis
    • Hek(Kuva, Vaykor)
    • Strun(MK1, x19px Prime,Wraith)

Sniper Rifles

  • Charge:
    • Lanka
  • Semi-Auto:
    • Komorex
    • Rubico(Prime)
    • Snipetron (Vandal)
    • Sporothrix
    • Vectis(Prime)
    • Vulkar(Wraith)


  • Auto:
    • Scourge
  • Charge:
    • Ferrox
    • Javlok

Best Primary Weapons in Warframe (A Complete Tier List)

  • Best (S-tier): Kuva Zarr, Proboscis Cernos, Cedo, Rubico Prime, Kuva Bramma, Tenet Arca Plasmor, Acceltra, Ignis Wraith, Bubonico, Trumna, Tenet Envoy, Kuva Kohm.
  • Great (A-tier): Corinth Prime, Stahlta, Kuva Chakkhurr, Fulmin, Vectis Prime, Kuva Ogris, Astilla Prime, Shedu, Amprex, Tenet Tetra, Kuva Hek, Tenora Prime, Tenet Flux Rifle, Phantasma, Opticor Vandal, Soma Prime, Tigris Prime, Baza Prime, Kuva Tonkor, Vaykor Hek, Tiberon Prime, Lenz, Kuva Quartakk, Arca Plasmor, Supra Vandal, Zenith, Exergis, Ambassador, Dread.
  • Good (B-tier):Kuva Hind, Synapse, Sybaris Prime, Kuva Karak, Lanka, Cernos Prime, Panthera Prime, Sancti Tigris, Prisma Grakata, Phage, Zhuge Prime, Kohm, Glaxion Vandal, Corinth, Quellor, Sporothrix, Astilla, Komorex, Daikyu, Kuva Drakgoon, Boar Prime, Mutalist Cernos, Prisma Grinlok, Rakta Cernos, Opticor, Strun Wraith, Stradavar Prime, Secura Penta, Boltor Prime, Prisma Gorgon.
  • Average (C-tier):Braton Prime, Soma, Tigris, Braton Vandal, Karak Wraith, Tonkor, Latron Wraith, Carmine Penta, Miter, Torid, Argonak, Grakata, Supra, Gorgon Wraith, Attica, Prisma Tetra, Quartakk, Burston Prime, Buzlok, Paracyst.
  • Not Recommended (D-tier):Mk1-strun, Vulkar, Strun, Mk1-braton, Quanta, Paris, Boar, Mk1-paris, Tetra, Latron, Hind, Gorgon, Braton, Dera, Burston.

All the weapons in S-Tier are the best of the best that makes the gameplay like a breeze. Although most of them are difficult to obtain. The A-tier weapons are also unique as much as they are strong. Some weapons in A tier can easily be put in S or vice-versa depending on the player. On the other hand, the B-tier weapons are good enough to hold on your own but often you’ll find it lacking especially when facing high-level enemies. The same goes for the C tier which turns out to be even weaker, unbalanced, or not worth the grind. Here are some of the best weapons that you should be using in Warframe.


Warframe Best Primary Weapons
credits: Warframe

Although TETRA has a large magazine size useful for sustained firing. It offers very little critical chance, multiplier as well as accuracy, which makes Tetra an obsolete gun.


Warframe Best Primary Weapons
credits: Warframe

Argonak is effective in dishing out slash damage, which is helpful when taking down large health or shield. On the other hand, its cons outweigh the pros almost all the time. When in full auto mode the weapon offers very little critical chance, and the semi-auto mode’s high zoom restricts close to mid-range combat. Add the low reload speed, the gun becomes useless quickly and should only be used on certain occasions. In conclusion, there are far better and unique weapons in Warframe.


Warframe Best Primary Weapons
credits: Warframe

Lenz can be used to dish out massive damage with its AoE and high status and critical chance. Although ammo is limited, if used with practice the right equipment, Lenz can be deadly as much as it is agile.

Baza Prime

Warframe Best Primary Weapons
credits: Warframe

A powerful weapon especially for the players that prefer stealth rather than chaos. Baza Prime’s low noise, recoil in addition to high accuracy and a high critical chance, is perfect to take down unaware foes. Albeit this weapon does not fare well against higher-level opponents.


Warframe Best Primary Weapons
credits: Warframe

Another powerful bow in the game. Maybe even better than the Lenz, depending on your playthrough. Moreover, Dread has extremely high damage and even punches through.

Tiberon Prime

Warframe Best Primary Weapons
credits: Warframe

This gun has three firing modes, burst, semi-auto, and auto. Hence making this a very versatile weapon in the game.

Rubico Prime

credits: Warframe

Probably the strongest sniper rifle in addition to one of the strongest weapons in the game. Rubico Prime has the stats to even take out the toughest bosses in a single shot. Moreover, it has a fast reload speed and fire rate along with high critical and radiation damage. Making it a top pick for anyone.


credits: Warframe

This weapon fires and detonates mini rockets and that does area damage, although small scale but with great damage. Powerful as well as very fun to wield and blast off enemies with this explosive gun.

Kuva Kohm

credits: Warframe

Considered by many as the strongest weapon in the game. Kuva Kohm’s full-auto fire can pump enemies up in bullets in a matter of seconds. Adding to that a 90% status chance for its first shot. Hence, combining this with a status effect and enemies will drop like flies. Although one would need to carry a lot of ammo for this hungry beast.

Ignis Wraith

credits: Warframe

Another overpowered weapon in Warframe. Ignis Wraith is a fine flamethrower. Even though it’s a tough gun to obtain, Ignis Wraith melts down enemies of the highest level with ease.

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