beats Rogue to win EU open clash tournament

In a thrilling final against Rogue, won EU open clash tournament with a score of 2:1.

The EU open clash was a charity event organised by FACEIT in an effort to raise money to fight against COVID-19. The €50,000 prize pool of the tournament will be donated to Doctors Without Borders, helping over 70 countries around the world with medical assistance.

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As the tournament progressed, we got to see some intense actions from the best Rainbow Six teams in Europe. However, it was only a show match so the teams didn’t give out their strats for the upcoming European League. We also got to see some hilarious moments and exceptional gunfights from all the teams.

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The former forZe roster now acquired by won Russian Major League Season 4 recently. Their amazing form continued as they made it into EU open clash finals without even losing a single map.

But met their match as they played against Rogue in the finals. Rogue won the first map in Coastline; however, made an amazing comeback, showing their true potential by winning the next two maps. Rogue’s new strong roster with LeonGids and karzheka wasn’t enough to stop the Russian team from taking the crown.

This show match was just a teaser of what’s about to come in the future of Rainbow Six esports. With the upcoming European league, every team will be on their toes to take the top position of the table.

The new EU league system will start from June 22nd and will be broadcasted from Ubisoft’s brand new studio.

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