Virtual Twitch Streamer “Codemiko” Banned for the Third Time

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Virtual Interactive Twitch streamer Codemiko has been banned for the third time. Her fans are worried that this time the ban might be permanent.

Codemiko is a famous American Virtual Interactive Twitch streamer. She rose to fame after she started streaming as a virtual avatar called Codemiko. She announced the launch of “Project Codemiko” on Instagram. After she started streaming as the virtual avatar, her popularity skyrocketed and her clips also started going viral on different social media platforms.

She took the whole Virtual streaming to a whole new level with full-body tracking, virtual backgrounds, and props. She made herself stand out from other virtual streamers with her witty personality and shenanigans. Recently she started gaining a massive number of viewers on her channel but that all came to a halt with her recent ban on Twitch.

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Codemiko Banned:

Recently a Twitter bot called StreamerBans published the news of Codemiko’s ban.

This is her third ban on Twitch and the last two bans were back in Sep of 2020. Codemiko received her first ban on Sep 5th, 2020 for 1 day. She again got banned on Sep 9th, 2020 for 3 days. And her latest ban was on Jan 19th, 2020. This series of close bans within the span of a few months made her viewers worried that this time it might be permanent.

Codemiko previous bans Credit:

Reason for Codemiko’s ban:

The reason for the ban or the duration is still undisclosed by Twitch as per their policy with individual bans. Codemiko’s fans were quick to point out that the reason for the ban could be because she said “simp” during one of her streams which violates the new Twitch terms of service.

Another possible reason for the ban might be because of excessive drinking during a stream. During her recent stream where Codemiko was interviewing fellow streamer PaymoneyWubby, she apparently indulged herself too much on drinks and this could give Twitch a reason to issue the ban.

These are all just speculations and there is no way to verify if these are the actual reason for Codemiko’s Twitch ban.

Codemiko’s Response:

Codemiko did not give any official statement or specify the reason for the ban instead she just shared the sadge emote on her Twitter.

Codemiko’s fans are worried that the ban might be permanent but some of her followers are optimistic. According to some a permanent ban ensues only if a streamer gets banned three times within the span of three months. Which is not the case for Codemiko. So hopefully her ban is lifted soon and her fans can get back to enjoying their favorite streamers stream on Twitch once again.

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