Viego’s wife Isolde is the upcoming new champion in League of Legends, a new leak suggests

According to a recent leak, Viego’s wife Isolde might the upcoming 155th champion in League of Legends.

In the Season 2021 cinematic, Riot Games confirmed that there will be 5 new champions in 2021 similar to last year. They have already released one of the most anticipated champions Viego, the Ruined King. And League of Legends’ lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles also teased what players can expect from the next three champions in League of Legends.

The first champion that Riot Reav3 mentioned was an AP “tailor-made for top lane” who is very close to the Ruined King. As Riot mentioned a seamstress called Isolde in Viego’s bio, a lot of players come to the conclusion that Isolde is Viego’s wife and she will the next top laner in League of Legends.

And now when everyone is speculating on who will be the next champion in LoL, Brazilian Streamer “Streamie” who previously leaked Lillia, Yone, Seraphine, and others might have leaked that Isolde will be the upcoming champion.

In the tweet, she says, her source told her that there will be two Legendary skins in 2021, Battle Academia Caitlyn and Space Groove Blitzcrank. Furthermore, she also speculates that there might also be a Battle Academia Isolde skin which could possibly mean Isolde will be the upcoming new champion in League of Legends.

There is still no official announcement on what champion is coming out next, but based on all the rumors it is pretty much destined that we will see Isolde sooner or later in League of Legends.