Version1 secures a swift victory over Team Liquid with a 2 – 1 scoreline in VCT Masters 2 Upper Bracket Quarter Finals

Rifat Bin Yusuf
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After a year of speculations, debates & arguments among fans and professionals, two behemoths of the VALORANT scene, Team Liquid & Version1, finally had their first encounter. Version1 becomes the first North American team to win over a European team. 

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Since the worldwide release of VALORANT during the middle of 2020, a clash between two major regions has been a long-awaited event for the fans & analysts. Finally, on today’s VCT Masters 2 Upper Bracket Quarter Finals, Version1 showed total domination over their European counterpart. Version1 will proceed to the Upper Bracket Semi-Final and play against the one and only Korean representative of VCT Masters 2, NUTURN Gaming, on May 27th. 


Split ( Version1 14 – 16 Team Liquid )

Ascent ( Version1 13 – 11 Team Liquid )

Bind ( Version1 13 – 4 Team Liquid )

In a BO3 series, Team Liquid pulled off a hard-fought victory in their first map, Split. The nerve-wracking triple overtime match ended with a 16-14 scoreline in favor of Team Liquid. Thanks to Scream’s unreal performance with a Sentinel agent, a series victory didn’t seem too far for Team Liquid players. Additionally, Soulcas & L1NK also performed extremely well under pressure in multiple clutch scenarios.

Things took a U-turn when penny, zellsis & vanity started showing up during some much-needed rounds. The entire Team Liquid squad had a hard time dealing with penny’s expertise with the Operator. However, after a close 13-11 game on Ascent, Version1 took Team Liquid to the final map, Haven.

Unsurprisingly, Team Liquid picked up their infamous “Zero Duelist” lineup on Haven. Even with such a battle-tested lineup, Team Liquid just couldn’t catch up with any of Version1’s carefully planned executions. Even under intense pressure, jammyz & effys absolutely turned the game upside down with their post-plant lineups. Consequently, Version1 bagged an easy 13-4 victory in one of Team Liquid’s most favorite maps, Haven.

Scream’s Argument 

In a press briefing prior to the event, Scream stated that North American teams were predictable. In today’s match, Version1 turned out to be anything but predictable. Haven brought the best out of vanity, effys & jammyz as their ability usage had huge impacts on several rounds & post-plant situations. With such a combined arms strategy, Version1 clearly outperformed Team Liquid on Haven.

What’s next for Team Liquid?

After today’s loss, Team Liquid will continue their run in the lower bracket. On May 28th, they will face either KRÜ Esports or YNG Sharks.

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