Vending Machines Could Be Coming Back To Fortnite

Vending Machines could once again make a return to the Fortnite World in Chapter 2 Season 3.

Vending machines were a good way to get some Epic or Legendary loot back in chapter 1. When vending machines were first introduced players needed to pay a lot of mats in order to get these rare items. It was kind of like a sacrifice in order to get good loot.

But soon players complained that the price was way too high. Soon after that Epic Games introduced a mechanic in patch 8.10.

After this update vending machines did not cost any materials. The downside to this was they could only be used once. After a player uses a vending machine it would then disappear. So basically the vending machine could only be used once. But in patch 11.0 vending machines were vaulted.

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Possible Return of Vending Machines

Recently a twitter use by the name of Raycay Bros found a vending machine during one of his games.

Raycay Bros Found a Vending Machine

Although he could not use it to get a weapon this could be a good indicator that vending machines might come back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3.

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