VCT 2021 Stage 3 is going to be held on the upcoming Patch 3.0

With only 7 days left and Patch 3.0 still yet to come out on live servers, the officials have decided that the Open Qualifiers and Main event will be held on the unreleased patch.

Earlier today, Riot has announced that Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 will take place on the upcoming Patch 3.0. This patch has a huge rework in store along with the new agent Kay/O. The new agent will be disabled for the Open Qualifier and Main event of Challengers, but the reworks will go through.

With Act 2 Episode 3 drawing to a close, Riot brings us Patch 3.0 to prepare for the next Act. This patch mainly focuses on making the game more reliant on gunplay as the developers originally intended it to be. Most of the agent abilities now come with a higher credit cost. Some ultimates also come at a higher point cost. This is the first time we are seeing a lot of agents requiring 8 ultimate points to be able to use their ultimates in the game.

The higher credit cost of the abilities will mostly be in effect in the pistol rounds. This will force agents to rely on their gunfight more than their ability usage. Also, the prices of a lot of the guns have been tweaked. This will change their usage according to the team’s economy respectively.

Along with that, there have been nerfs to many agents like Breach, Skye, and Especially Jett. Although Skye got a hidden buff amidst these changes, the overall meta in Patch 3.0 is bound to shift heavily.

This will definitely be hard for the teams to adapt to, as only 7 days remain for them to prepare. One thing’s for certain, with this sudden decision to run a newer patch only the most adaptable teams will be the top performers of VCT Stage 3.

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