Varus has around 80% ban rate in Korean Master+ elo for three patches now

Even with the nerf in patch 10.8, Varus still has around 80% ban rate in Korean Master+ elo for three patches now.

ADCs were not in a favorable state in season 10 until Riot Games decided to buff them in patch 10.11. But, some ADCs were relevant even without the buffs and Varus is one of them.

If we take look at the Korean Master+ elo, we can see that they do not like to play against Varus, as, he currently has the highest ban rate in the Korean server. But, his ban rate didn’t increase because of the patch 10.11 buffs, Koreans started to ban him when Riot changed his Q’s Indicator and nerfed his ultimate in patch 10.8!

Since then, he had a 72% ban rate in patch 10.9, an 80% ban rate in 10.10, and now in patch 10.11 he currently sitting at an astonishing 81.1% ban rate in Master+ elo according to Varus also has a 65% ban rate in Korean Plat+ elo.

However, if we take a look at other servers, NA for example, he only has a 28.4% ban rate with a 46.54% win rate. But his ban rate in the EUW server is relatively high as well where he is standing at 3rd place in term on ban rate just behind Yummi and Graves.

The main reason why high elo players especially Koreans hate Varus is because of his annoying long-range poke potential with his Q. Varus gets more frustrating to play against when he builds Lethality with Arcane Comet. As Korean soloq is all about early game, Varus fit in it perfectly utilizing high damage with just building Umbral Glaive as his first item.

Varus has undergone a lot of changes in season 8 due to his annoying poke build. Players stopped building poke build after season 8 nerfs until Riot Games decided to buff his Q again in patch 10.1.

And if his ban rate continues to skyrocket like this, it’s only a matter of time until Riot nerf his poke damage to the ground. There is also a high chance that he will receive nerfs in the upcoming patch 10.12.

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