Vanguard just took care of more than 200 new cheaters in VALORANT after only a few days of its release hinting at a strong esports title in the making

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

After only a few days of release, Vanguard is already working overtime as it just hardware banned over 200 new cheaters in VALORANT.

Cheating in any online free-to-play FPS game is pretty much expected at this point in time. And seems like Riot Games came prepared with their robust anti-cheat solution called Vanguard. Even in the closed beta of VALORANT Riot used their ban hammer to ban people from using third party cheats.

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Developer wrote a novel on twitter explaining all the hardware bans

Phillip Koskinas, one of the developers of Vanguard, just expressed his take on all those “soulbans” with a novel on Twitter. He lightly discussed all the fuss regarding the cheaters who were banned during the closed beta and are now permanently hardware banned from VALROANT.

Although Riot did give people who were just messing around with cheats a second chance with the official release of VALORANT. However, repeated offenders got no mercy. Cheaters were directly complaining to Riot devs to remove their bans.

Keeping the competitive integrity in VALORANT was one of the main promises of Riot when they announced PROJECT A now known as VALORANT last year. On that note, they succeeded so far. It is super refreshing to see how Riot went the extra mile to create their own in-house anti-cheat solution which is an essential ingredient for any successful esports title.

However, the overly intrusive nature of their anti-cheat solution did ruffle some feathers in the closed beta. Since then Riot put out some statements clarifying some of the concerns the community had with Vanguard. Riot Games claimed that their solution is developed from the ground up with to keep user data safe from any kind of malicious attack.

Even though VALORANT is still in its infancy, CSGO pro players like Hiko are switching from CSGO to VALROANT. While another player like Skadoodle is coming out from retirement to join a pro team in VALORANT. The future looks really promising for VALORANT thus far. If everything is handled correctly from now on it might become one of the most defining esports titles of this decade.

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