Vanguard banned 8873 new cheaters in VALORANT

Vanguard is banning cheaters left and right

With the release of any free-to-play FPS game, there will always be cheaters in-game.

While in development Riot Games knew what challenges an FPS game faces in the modern era of Esports. Since competitive integrity is really important in a tactical shooter, Riot placed some considerable effort to build a robust anti-cheat system called Vanguard build from the ground up.

Right after players started to play VALORANT, one thing was really clear from the start that Vanguard is way more intrusive in the way they handle cheaters. Apparently this anti-cheat would start upon computer bootup. Obviously the community shared their valid concern regarding their data privacy.

Riot calmed everyone down by justifying their decision as they claim that this is the best way to approach the cheating problem in free-to-play games. After only a few days of the release of the closed beta of VALORANT, Riot already banned their first cheater. With more bans promised along the way, it seemed that this robust solution may have been the right way to go into the future.

Riot banned more than 8000 cheaters

Riot devs who is responsible for Vanguard tweeted this out claiming that they have already banned 8873 cheaters and are planning to use their ban hammer on more people if necessary. While being asked if this is just a hardware ID ban or something more sophisticated, the dev replied that the cheaters are “soul-banned“.

Although devs expect that hackers will eventually figure it out. This journey will be a long ordeal. The battle between anti-cheat makers and cheaters in VALORANT has just begun. Once VALORANT goes fully public, it will be interesting to see if Vanguard can still hold up.

Riot has also made it public that if you can find exploit in Vanguard there are some sweet rewards to be made. So, if you think you are savvy with this kind of stuff then you should definitely report those bugs directly to Riot and earn some sweet rewards in the process.

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