Valve Coder Responds to Steam Deck’s 30 FPS Target

Adiba Chowdhury
By Adiba Chowdhury
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Valve had recently announced that their latest handheld Steam Deck will be targeting 30 FPS at native 800p resolution. A Valve Coder has now broken down the meaning of that statement.

After learning that Steam’s $400 handheld console was targeting 30 FPS at native 800p resolution, many fans raised concerns. Valve Coder, Pierre-Loup Griffais, has come forward to explain the technicality of the statement.

According to Griffais, the 30 FPS target simply refers to the minimum level of performance which players can expect from Steam Deck. He further explained that their testing showed much more promising results. Moreover, he explained that players will have the option of limiting the FPS they get to achieve balanced performance and battery life.

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Griffais has been the face of the upcoming console from the start. In a previous interview, he claimed that Valve failed to find a game that the Steam Deck couldn’t handle. In other words, the Steam Deck successfully could run even the most GPU-intensive PC games. We wonder the extent to which Steam Deck’s FPS limiter feature was used to derive that result.

Steam Deck’s core competitor is the Nintendo Switch, which has sold over 84.59 million units in its lifetime. The handheld console by Nintendo delivers a steady 30 FPS for any game, delivering up to 60 FPS in Performance Mode.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that the Steam Deck could deliver a more promising performance. After all, Pierre-Loup Griffais did mention that their performance testing showed results that exceeded their bar.

Although Griffais did mention that the FPS limiter will be a built-in feature, no further details have been given about this nifty feature. Given that it is optional, we can assume that will be available as an overlay feature. Furthermore, we may assume that the FPS limiter settings can be customized and saved for each game, individually.

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