Valve announced new Half-Life VR game

Valve the creator behind beloved Half-Life and Portal series announced a new VR game named Half-Life: Alyx after almost a decade. Sadly, it is not Half-Life 3. Apparently they have hard time making a third game in any franchise. This will be their flagship VR game.

Valve twitter

Valve always makes genre defining experiences whenever they make any video games. All of their releases has been well liked. Critics and normal video gamer’s all loved their input in any genre. They usually advocate for new and fascinating technologies that may change how we experience video games. They already released Valve Index their VR headset. So, it seems that they already have a ecosystem of VR devices and VR games in mind.

It is no surprise that Valve wants to be a pioneer when it comes to quality VR experiences. Currently VR games in the market are just some glorified tech demos. At the moment Valve wants to change that conception about VR games. Valve specifically stated that this will be their flagship VR experience. Which means that they already invested a lot of their resources to make the best available VR experience. Valve with its vast experience in making video game is a welcome sign for VR enthusiasts.

For those who are wondering if this when this game takes takes place in the franchise. Rumor has it that Alyx may turn out to be a Half-Life 2 prequel,with magnetic gloves for you to wield. It is still unclear when it will launch. The twitter verified Valve account stated that they will reveal rest of the details on Thursday at 10am Pacific Time. If Valve can make this game work as expected this may change the whole perception about VR games. While VR still has a long way to go. Having big companies like Valve and Sony betting so much on this technology is a welcoming sign.


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