Valve adds a new battle pass like update to CS:GO

Valve the publisher behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive decided that it was time to modernize the CS:GO formula and add a battle pass to the game. Yes, you head it right there are battle pass like update to your favorite FPS game. We think it might change CS:GO in a big way going into the future.

A new update called CS:GO shattered web was launched recently. It added some interesting changes to the CS formula. For the first time ever there will be operator skins available through a battle pass like progression system. For $14.99 you can buy this battle pass or so called operation and complete weekly challenges so that you can earn rewards.

In a way it gives the payers a reason to play. Before players only came to CS:GO mainly for its competitive 5 V 5 game modes. After adding some cosmetic items like new gun skins and operator that can be unlocked is a step in the right direction for CS:GO. Hope they can continue the momentum forward. How will it work in the long run it is too early to say right at this moment.

Here is a look at the new cosmetic items:

The Norse Collection:

The St. Marc Collection:

The Canals Collection:

There are also some operators skin available. This is surely a first for CS:GO.

shattered web
shattered web

Hopefully this update will further reinvent this game in a new way. Valve certainly knows what’s up.


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