VALORANT’s next agent is reportedly nicknamed “Sprinter”

According to some reputed data miners in the VALORANT community, the next VALORANT agent might be named “Sprinter”.

With the launch of Patch 3.0, Riot released the 17th VALORANT agent, KAY/O. Afterward, Riot dropped a cinematic trailer named “Year One Anthem”. The trailer had some embedded art & clues about the next VALORANT agent, nicknamed “Deadeye”. Recent leaks from ValorLeaks suggest that the latest agent could be a completely different one than Deadeye.

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If the leaks are true, then it’s possible that the developers are working on both agents at the same time. VALORANT Episode 3 started on June 22. Agent KAY/O also became available on the same date. Riot designated KAY/O as an Initiator agent. Although professional players are treating the agent more like a Duelist. 

The source codes leaked by ValorLeaks show the existence of two codenames. However, according to the same source, it might just be a sarcastic attempt from Riot to interact with the community. Patch 3.0 changed the core gameplay mechanics of VALORANT. As a consequence, most European and some North American teams are now heavily relying on gunplay instead of overly depending on utilities.

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As of now, the game offers 5 Duelists, 4 Controllers, 4 Initiators & 3 Sentinels. Recent updates made VALORANT a more friendly place for the sharpshooters. Taken this fact into account, we can expect a Duelist as the 17th VALORANT agent. On the contrary, Riot might release a Sentinel first to suffice the low amount of Sentinels present in the game.

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