VALORANT’s newest map Breeze In-Game trailer leaked!

Riot has been teasing a new map for a while now and there had been many speculations regarding it. First, it was thought of as a Map on a ship. Then the map’s codename and intro music had been leaked. Finally, the official name and theme were leaked. Earlier today, Valorant Dataminer ValorLeaks posted the in-game map trailer of the new map Breeze.

With the latest patch 2.06 rolling out, a lot of new data has been added to the game. Alongside a new skin collection, we might be seeing a new map in the coming future. Data miners have initially speculated the name to be Foxtrot. But the latest leaks suggest it might be the codename with the actual name being Breeze. Later we have also received teasers of the new map from Riot as well as in-game easter eggs.

Breeze Map Trailer:

A popular dataminer, Valorant Leaks who is also quite reliable in the community has shared the map teaser for Breeze.

Also, in this leaked video, we see the first look as well as some cinematic gameplay in the new map. It features a soothing tropical location in the Caribbean, comprised of old structures and ruins. It features what appears to be remnants of an old castle, along with some rural structures.

Thus finally, we get out first looks at the map Breeze. It seems to offer a lot of verticality with powerful highground positions and Opertator angles. All in all, it definitely looks like it could be a very fun map to come.

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