VALORANT’s newest Infantry Guardian skin is featuring the symbolic “Ping” sound

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

The recently released “Infantry Bundle” took heavy inspiration from the hazy days of World War II. Surpsrignly, the Infantry Guardian is perfectly echoing the legendary M1 Garand’s “Ping” sound.

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Infantry Bundle contains six different weapon skins. Riot has flawlessly implemented the 1940’s designs to such modern guns like Spectre, Ares & Ghost. Although its a “Select Tier” skin bundle, the resemblance of a historically accurate detail makes it unique. However, the Infantry Guardian has grabbed the VALORANT community’s attention.

The Guardian is a long-range semi-automatic rifle, able to deliver a precise strike against any opponent. Similarly, the M1 Garand is basically the predecessor of the Guardian in many ways. In the early days of Call of Duty & Medal Of Honor, M1 Garand used to be a default weapon for many campaign missions. 

Redditor AvgBadger’s video of the Infantry Guardian’s Ping sound-effect has received 10 thousand upvotes so far. Such a huge reaction proves the popularity of a simple, yet the symbolic sound effect of an 85-year-old weapon. 

Apart from its deadly traits, M1 Garand’s “Ping” sound made it unforgettable. The sound effect is almost synonymous with the FPS genre. Throughout multiple generations, the “Ping” noise frequently appeared in all titles that featured World War II or Vietnam War. 

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Riot’s decision to add such a distinctive feature in their latest skin bundle is receiving applause from the VALORANT community. Some players are even expecting a follow-up of the Infantry Bundle.

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