VALORANT’s New Agent REYNA Revealed: Abilities & Gameplay

Riot Games just released VALORANT’s 11th agent named Reyna in a video trailer today.

A Riot Games dev revealed in an interview that VALORANT is going to have a total of 12 agents. Just today Riot Games released a new trailer that showed off upcoming agent Reyna and some of her abilities.

The leaks about a new agent have been circulating for a few days now. But today in the trailer we got to see more about Reyna. Reyna is going to be the first VALORANT agent of Mexican Origin.

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In the trailer, we got to see some of her abilities in action. She seems to have a Heal, Flash, and Health Regen as long as she eliminates enemies before the countdown finishes.

She takes on a 1v5 fight in what seems to be the new upcoming map teased by Riot Games.

First, she eliminates Cypher and collects and a purple orb from the fallen dead body. She quickly triggers her E to collect the purple orb which seems to trigger an in-game effect.

Her C seems to be a flash similar to Omen. She throws out a purple eye orb and it floats in the air. Enemies who look at the purple eye probably have their vision limited. Jett and sage had a purple mark on them to indicate they were affected by her ability.

By using her ultimate Empress she probably gets the use of her E back which lets her collect more purple souls from enemies and heal her health as long as she kills them within a time limit. It gives her a time limit to hunt her next pray and gives her a 50 health overheal and combat stim.

Her Q is not shown in the video but it probably is a heal of some sort for her teammates as she already has heal with her ultimate.

VALORANT’S agent Reyna’s trailer can be seen below.

Collected from Rudr0’s Youtube

There is no doubt that in the hands of pro players she has the potential to be a great threat to the enemy team. She has the potential to 1v5 the enemy team because of her Ultimate ability Empress.

The video makes her seem very op at the moment but we can be sure after players get to try her out on June 2nd.


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