VALORANT’s in-game weapon skin prices explained for beginners

Full price breakdown of all the collections

Like every other free-to-play FPS game, VALORANT will include an in-game paid cosmetic monetization model for their upcoming tactical shooter.

For anyone who doesn’t have any idea regarding the current prices of these weapon skins that are available during the closed beta, this guide will help you understand everything. However, keep in mind that anything you purchase right now will be reset on launch day. And, you will get back premium VALORANT in-game currency in return to repurchase anything you want on June 2.

Especial mention goes to u/NGvisator for making this list possible. Keep in mind that all of these prices are based upon the data from the closed beta. Therefore the real pricing may vary on the launch day.

Estimated prices for the in-game currency:

  • 475 VP for $4.99
  • 1000 VP for $9.99
  • 2050 VP for $19.99
  • 3650 VP for $34.99
  • 5350 VP for $49.99
  • 11000 VP for $99.99

The metric mentioned above will be used for determining the pricing for the rest of the weapon skin in this list. Every 11000 = $100 rounded to make it easier to understand. So every 110VP will be roughly equal to $1.


20 = 1600VP = ($15 Rounded)

40 = 2800VP = ($25 Rounded)

80 = 4800VP = ($44 Rounded)

Trying to break it down further for 1 Radianite to VALORANT Points(VP) to dollar using the 20 RAD as a foundation. Therefore 1 RAD = 80VP = 72 Cents after rounding them.

Luxe Collection

4375VP (Base cost is $40 Rounded)

There are several skins in this collection that cost Radinite to upgrade to get all other skins in this bundle. Each upgrade will cost around 15 Radianite.

Weapons that have Radianite upgrades:

Ghost = 45 Rad

Operator = 45 Rad

Vandal = 45 Rad

Spectre = 45 Rad

Total: 180 Rad

Assumed purchase of exactly 180 Rad = $108

This whole package will be around $148 fully upgraded assuming people want the Gold version for all available weapons. Assuming players buy the collection so the knife is free which is 1750 VP.

Reaver Collection

5325VP (Base cost is $48 Rounded)

There are 3 weapons with upgrades in this collection:

Vandal = 30 RAD

Sherif = 30 RAD

Operator = 45 RAD

Total: 105 RAD

Exact cost: .72 x 105 RAD = $75.60
Assumed efficient pay cost: 80+40 Rad = $69

Reaver Collection Total: $123.60

Efficiency cost: $117

Prism Collection

6375 Only cost – $60 Rounded

Avalanche Collection (There is no bundle however they cost 1275 each)






Cost 6375VP

Total: $58 Rounded

Imperium weapons

Classic: 1275

Knife: 2550


Total: $35 Rounded.

Ronin Collection (There is no bundle) 875 Each




Cost: 2625VP

Total: $24 Rounded

The final Cost of all the skins in VALORANT as a whole without any singular purchase including all the knives is approximately $442 USD. Seems like you will have to shell out a lot of money to purchase everything on the VALORANT store on day one. Although prices may change with the official release on June 2.

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