VALORANT’s Game Director explains RIOT’S roadmap for future episodes

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

In a recent Dev Diaries episode, Joe Ziegler shared his vision about map design, mods, and community-made maps in VALORANT.

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With the release of ACT 3 in mid-October, VALORANT underwent a drastic transformation. Ziegler answered some frequently asked questions by the VALORANT community. Besides that, he provided comprehensive information about RIOT’s top priorities regarding the game.

Future of Professional & Casual VALORANT 

Ziegler stated that “ Our top priority is increasing our competitive map pool so that you get a diverse range of strategic experiences and settings every night. “ He also mentioned how four maps are not sufficient to bring competitive diversity in VALORANT. As the latest addition to VALORANT’s competitive map-pool, Icebox endured a negative reception from the players. However, Zigler indicated the downside of working from home and its effect on the development process of Icebox.

The reality of Community Maps & Modding

As specified by the Game Director himself, the developers are perfectly aware of the impact of community-made maps. The Counter-Strike community is a prime example of how a vibrant modding community can contribute to any game.

Ziegler said, “ Building a scalable, community sharing platform and set of map-making tools would take us years of development to get off the ground.” This testimony from Zeigler marks the end of all speculations about RIOT integrating modding support for VALORANT. 

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Instead of implementing modding support, developers at RIOT Games are most likely to shift their resources to create more dynamic maps. In conclusion, Ziegler asked the VALORANT community to maintain a healthy communication stream with the developers.  


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