VALORANT’s executive producer on online toxicity “I can’t solve society”

Riot made some commitments towards a better player experience

VALORANT’s executive producer Anna Donlon recently mentioned her concern over the fact that she can’t even solo queue in VALORANT because of the harassment she gets online.

With her being transparent on the matter, many other game devs and content creators have also voiced their concern over the overwhelming amount of toxicity that players face everyday especially if they are female. Since there still isn’t enough punishment being rolled out at this moment, toxicity on VALORANT is still pretty rampant right now.

Finally, VALORANT’s executive producer talked a bit more about her plans to combat this current situation. In an official statement, she also mentioned her concern over the fact that she can’t actually solve society. Most of this toxic behavior that players face every day actually goes pretty far back into their family circumstances.

Riot makes commitment towards a better community

Even though Riot Games can’t actually change the behavior of these toxic players, they made a commitment to make the community a better place for everyone. This plan includes a dedicated “Central Player Dynamics” team. Riot will make an investment towards tackling all the “the science and research of what promotes fair team play“.

Even though this short term solution that is proposed by Riot Games might not be the optimal solution, it is still a step in the right direction. As a company, Riot has also claimed that improving the player experience is their new priority in the upcoming patches. With this statement, Riot promised that they are gonna take some more decisive actions towards online toxicity.

How will this punishment system work in VALORNT is still not clear? It seems that Riot has finally made tackling this toxic community one of their main priorities. They are gonna reveal more details about their solution after they have something more concrete.

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