VALORANT’s ELO issue is still a nightmare for low ranked players

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

According to the VALORANT community, low ranked players are yet to witness any improvement in matchmaking quality.

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Riot released Patch 1.14 in early December. The patch brought some significant changes to improve the overall quality of life in VALORANT. Sadly, Riot also concluded their update fixtures for 2020 with the release of Patch 1.14. Additionally, developers made some adjustments to enhance the matchmaking experience for low ranked players. 

The decision to assist low-ranked players by softening the rank pyramid might be causing more troubles than expected. After the global release of VALORANT’s latest patch, many players climbed up the rank ladder faster than usual. This sudden alteration of traffic also granted higher ranks to relatively low skilled players. Overnight, the status of Silver, Bronze & Iron players shifted drastically.

Redditor mvvraz‘s experience depicts the ongoing scenario in lower ranks. VALORANT’s matchmaking algorithm has been quite strange since the update. It’s a roller coaster ride for people who are stuck within a certain scale of rank. In the Reddit post, mvvraz urged Riot to bring changes in some crucial instability issues that disrupted the matchmaking discipline.

Even at the upper stages of VALORANT’s rank pyramid, professional players are unhappy with the matchmaking experience. Specifically, solo queuing in VALORANT is not a wise choice. In some regions, it’s impossible to avoid rouge players who are most likely to exhibit toxic attitudes. For this reason alone, players feel more comfortable to queue with friends.

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On the other hand, some players have reported the frequent presence of Jump-bots in some major regions. It’s expected that Riot will release the next major update during mid-January. Developers at Riot are hopefully making significant progress in elevating the general standard of matchmaking.

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