VALORANT’s closed beta now available in Korea, Latin America, and Brazil

Riot welcomes Korea, Latin America, and Brazil to the Closed Beta

Ever since the closed beta for VALORANT went live on NA and EU, players in the other regions around the world were asked to wait a bit more.

Looks like Korea, Latin America, and Brazil are gonna be the next regions to get access to VALORANT’s closed beta. Anna Donlon the executive producer behind VALORANT just announced that the difficulties surrounding the current situation around the world have made it difficult for them to get more regions on board.

On VALORANT’s recent dev diaries, she explained how the current situation impacted the internet providers’ ability to provide expected services. And now in turn that has affected Riot’s ability to deliver decent network travel time.

New server infrastructure has made it difficult

Riot went all out with their new network infrastructure. Their ambition has actually made it difficult for them to add more regions sooner cause they had to rely on client-side testing and physical shipment of databases to actually deliver on the performance that they were claiming with VALORANT.

With Korea, Latin America, and Brazil now added to the list, Riot will now have more players to actually stress test the servers before the actual release. Now Riot can focus more on balance. Riot also confirmed that they are working hard to make sure they can add more regions like Asia, Mexico, etc to the closed beta as soon as possible.

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