VALORANT’s anti-cheat system Vanguard is apparently kicking users out of the game

Players are getting kicked left and right

With the launch of the closed beta of VALORANT, Riot Games introduced us with Vanguard their own anti-cheat system made from the ground up for modern free-to-play games.

As soon as players found out about how intrusive Vanguard was, players started to share their valid concern about their data security. Riot assured everyone that their security is top-notch and there is nothing to be worried about. Right now though players are getting kicked out of the game for some unknown reason.

Vanguard is kicking players left and right

Vanguard anti-cheat bug

The community was quite annoyed with how much restriction Vanguard has laid down upon their players. Some of the most popular RGB/ overclocking software somehow was getting blocked by Vanguard. Vanguard was also allegedly turning down background programs without player consent. After all that fiasco, right now players who aren’t actually using cheats are getting kicked out of the game for no foreseeable reason.

Riot Games finally acknowledged the player complaints. They have issued that in the upcoming patch everything should just go back to normal. The update will go live really soon.

As with any Riot’s titles, the game balance has been a huge topic for debate. Currently, there is some weird glitch for Sage and Omen in map Split that players are abusing. The game-breaking glitch apparently gives omen players the ability to teleport outside the map and it is causing havoc in the game. This new patch is supposed to fix all that.


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