VALORANT Year-End Global Stat sheet 2020 released

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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Image credit: Riot

With 2020 coming to an end, Valorant has had an extremely successful year with its beta going live on April 7th. The beta alone gained the interest of 3 Million players and pros as well as 470 Million hours watched live on twitch.

The main game released on June 2nd and since then it has had tens of millions of players and more than a billion hours played. Riot has released Global stats for the year 2020 with the most kills by weapon and the highest number of rounds played.

Deadliest Gun in VALORANT:

It’s always been a debate about which is the best gun in Valorant. There have been debates with the two main rifles as well as some people rooting for the Ghost, Operator, Spectre, Ares, etc as the best guns in the game. Riot has finally released information regarding the Top 3 Deadliest weapons in Valorant.

Image via Riot
Image via Riot

Longest Game of VALORANT Ever:

Here we can see that the Vandal comes in the lead with the highest kills to date followed by the Phantom which finally settles the age-old question. Also with a lot of players having a run-and-gun playstyle as well as being the superior budget-friendly option, the Spectre takes third place by the number of kills.

Image via Riot
Image via Riot

In addition, Riot has also released stats on the match with the highest no. of rounds played. The highest number of rounds played was a whopping 58 rounds with a 1 hour 28 minutes playtime. Now whether it was a 29-29 draw or a 30-28 win/lose Riot has not released specifics.

This year has been an amazing year for Valorant with it gaining a huge player base as well as a developing pro scene with more and more well-established players switching in. With 2021 just over the horizon, the game will only continue to get better at this rate.

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