VALORANT will likely to have official Faceit support from day one

Will VALORANT pros opt to use Faceit from day one?

VALORANT is an upcoming 5v5 tactical shooter from the developers of League of Legends. After being in the closed beta for some time now, it will finally be officially launched on June 2.

Riot developed VALORANT while keeping competitive integrity in mind at all steps of production. From looking at all the Twitch streaming numbers, it seems like Riots’ first entry to the whole tactical shooter genre has everyone pretty hyped up. Faceit, a world-leading platform for Esports already has plans laid out for VALORANT. Since the game is still in its closed beta, for now, Faceit’s support for matchmaking isn’t widely available as of yet.

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Why pros use Faceit?

Faceit is mainly a gaming platform tailor-made for fair competition in mind. Dedicated competitive players all around the world use their services mainly for their 128 tick servers, a robust anti-cheat solution, a better matchmaking system, tournament support, etc.

With the official release on June 2, Faceit will apparently also provide all of their services to the VALORANT players from day one. However, the initial release may be a little bit jankier than what players are used to. Although Riot did put a lot of effort into making Vanguard a better anti-cheat solution than VAC.

So far, Vanguard is doing a pretty decent job. Riot already banned waves of cheaters with there so-called “soulbans“. Nevertheless, Vanguard’s main test will be on June 2 when Riot will officially let players all around the world enjoy their take into the tactical shooter genre.

Since Riot already have Vanguard and 128 tick server support from day one, will players still opt to use Faceit for VALROANT? Ultimately it will all come down to how Riot deal with their cheaters. Depending on how well Vanguard can detect and auto-ban their cheaters, many competitive players might not have to use Faceit services exclusively like other tactical shooters.

Although no matter how robust your anti-cheat solution is, cheaters will always likely to find their way around any cheat protection system. Therefore it all depends on how Riot handles things from June 2.


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