VALORANT: Vital Sage Barrier Orb spots to use in Haven

Initially Sage was the only healer agent in VALORANT. In the early stages, her healing and defensive abilities were considered overpowered. Even after receiving several nerfs, her defence-based abilities still excel in slowing down enemies and preventing early rushes. Additionally, they can be used in other tricky manners.

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Haven is a map that requires good teamwork and communication on both the defender and attacker sides. Haven is unique for its 3 bombsites, and it offers the attackers to carry out unusual strategies as well. Sage’s abilities often completely stall any site execution attempts. However, her abilities can be used for offensive purposes as well.

Redditor MoveNo7475 shows a few unconventional ways to use Sage’s Barrier Orb and Slow Orbs in Haven. As demonstrated in the video, Sage can use her Barrier Orb in all 3 sites of Haven to gain the upper hand in any situation. A few Slow Orb lineups from A Heaven are also shown in the video. Once cast in said lineups, these Slow Orbs can disrupt enemies pushing A site, B site or Garage.

Securing the opening kill is crucial in any strategy. It allows for the attackers to strike with greater confidence. The lineups shown in the video will definitely help your team to get early kills in a round, paving the way for the entire team to rush into a bombsite.

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Patch 2.06 brought many changes to VALORANT. Although, it seems like Sage might need a small buff in the near future to restore her former glories.

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