VALORANT: VCT NA Stage 1 Main Event Predictions

VCT Stage 1 NA Main Event will initiate on March 18th. After month-long battles, teams will now get to fight for a shot at the Masters 1 in Iceland. 

Following the format, the top 8 teams from the Group Stage proceeded to the Main Event. To no one’s surprise, teams like Sentinels, Optic, C9 & LG have secured their seats for the Main Event. However, this time, we’ll get to see a relatively new team called “The Guard” competing against the top dogs. 

NA VALORANT scene is prone to have dramas & upsets. Shockingly enough, 100T decided to swap players during the Tournament. Consequently, they finished the Group Stage with only one victory, a pretty lousy outcome for an Org. of the caliber of 100T. 

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Qualified Teams for the Main Event

  • Sentinels 
  • Cloud9
  • Version1
  • The guard 
  • Optic Gaming
  • Luminosity 
  • XSET
  • Knights

Semifinals Prediction 

Cloud9 Vs. Knights 

A relatively easy victory for Cloud9

The C9 roster produced unexpectedly well results throughout the Tournament. Cloud9 is currently on a 12 match winning streak that includes victories against teams like 100T, NRG, LG, & V1. With Leaf & Xeppa popping off when necessary, the roster is on the correct course. Vanity, Mitch & Xeta are also providing the necessary support when required. 

Optic Vs. XSET 

A hard-fought victory for Optic 

The newly formed roster of Optic Gaming should be able to overcome the rising XSET. Since the second quarter of 2021, XSET has been on an upward trajectory. They have nearly defeated all influential NA teams out there. It’s presumable that Optic Vs. XSET will be an exciting series to watch. However, the more experienced Optic roster is the favorite here.

Version1 Vs. Luminosity 

A 2-1 victory for Version1

The 2021 season had been a mediocre journey for the Version1 roster. Version1’s reappearance into the NA VCT scene has caught every team off-guard. Version1 managed to defeat Sentinels, Optic Gaming, NRG & Rise with a relatively new roster, sending a clear message for the other teams in the process. Luckily for V1, the Luminosity roster is not in its peak form & prone to breakdown under pressure.  

The Guard Vs. Sentinels 

Sentinels 2-1 The Guard

The Guard has been scoring incredible victories over the recent weeks. On the other hand, Sentinels is undeniably the most successful NA team so far. With TenZ back in Texas servers, the Sentinels roster can hope to achieve maximum individual performance. Although, the Guard is not likely to just hand over a victory to the Sentinels.

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VALORANT Stage 1 Challengers Main Event is the gateway for Masters 1. All teams will be gunning for the grand prize, a ticket to Iceland. Even securing a seat for the Masters can open doors to many other opportunities in the subsequent VCT events.

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