VALORANT: Unique Killjoy Nanoswarm spot to use on Ascent

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Killjoy is a Sentinel agent packed with fatal abilities. The German agent is insanely popular among passive-aggressive players.  

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Playing post-plant is a problematic & hazardous task. Sometimes, defenders easily abandon sites without any resistance to prepare for a retake. Such foes are extremely tough to deal with in post-plant situations. In these cases, implying a few unorthodox tricks might be more useful than engaging in full-scale aim duels.

Ascent is one of the most carefully designed maps in VALORANT. The map offers balance, variety & great details. However, post-plant scenarios in Ascent’s B site requires proper teamwork, mostly due to the multiple entrances it provides. It’s important to realize that, except for a few sections, the entire B site grants minimal cover from enemies. Moreover, high-ranked players will often pre-fire in common angles before zeroing in for a retake.

A simple, old, yet useful Nanoswarm trick demonstrated by Redditor IvanDaSimp might inspire Killjoy players to take a different approach in post-plant scenarios. As shown in the video, players will have to set the Nanoswarms inside a gap in the “Default Box” and wait for the perfect moment to trigger the explosion. Despite all odds, these Nanoswarms will deny enemies from defusing the Spike.  

This setup has additional & more effective use cases too. If executed properly, it’s possible to prevent enemies from initially planting the Spike in B site. Despite knowing the imminent threat, Attackers won’t have any deterrent against these carefully concealed Nanoswarms. As a result, it’ll force them to seek alternative options that don’t include the B site at all.

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