VALORANT: Unique Cypher Spycam spot for Icebox

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

A new Cypher Spycam location for Icebox will help players to get mid control without much effort.

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Since the release of VALORANT, Cypher has been the backbone of many professional teams. With the release of Patch 1.11, the developers nerfed some of Cypher’s abilities. Even though the meta is constantly shifting, Cypher is one persona that somehow stays relevant. However, the ever so creative VALORANT community has found another great Spycam location for Icebox.

Redditor tarkythebeast discovered a Spycam location that reveals everything from Mid Blue to Mid Boiler. The Spycam’s location is so concealed that any attempt to demolish the gadget will temporarily expose the opponent from multiple angles. On top of that, flankers & lurkers won’t be left with much space to roam around freely.

Setting up the camera isn’t really a complicated task, but it’s definitely a lengthy process. As tarkythebeast demonstrated, the complete procedure takes place in the B Green area. Although, there is one issue; the B Green area is often under the Attacker’s control at the very beginning of the round. Regardless of the hazard of being engaged by the Attacking team with minimal cover, the Spycam’s effectiveness is enough to compensate for that.

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Achieving early map-control is crucial for maps like Icebox. Despite the very narrow risk to reward ratio of this Camera placement, it still packs huge potential.

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