VALORANT: Tricky Cypher Cage lineups to use on Icebox’s A site

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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It’s challenging to perform site executes in Icebox; however, the VALORANT community on Reddit have found some useful Cypher Cage lineups to ease your tensions. 

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It’s been four months since the release of Icebox. The map features an urban combat scenario with the touch of Arctic weather. Riot’s desire to release new maps to the community took a U-turn when players discovered how difficult it was to read the map. Negative feedback about the map began to overwhelm the VALORANT subreddit & Twitter. 

Thankfully, the developers decided to bring some changes to the map. After receiving moderate renovations, Icebox is now less complicated & more balanced. Previously, Duelist players had to clear off multiple angles to gain site entries. Even the most insignificant place on the map could pose serious challenges. That’s why having a Sentinel agent like Cypher is crucial in Icebox.

Playing Cypher on Icebox requires attention to detail & in-depth knowledge about the map; Redditor riktamsantra17‘s recent video showcases some uncommon Cage spots to use in A site.

First of all, these Cyber Cages have different use cases. As demonstrated in the video, the first Cyber Cage spot is quite useful during rapid executions in A site. Additionally, it disables enemy sharpshooters & lurkers from getting any quick eliminations from the Rafters area. The second Cage spot, however, is actually the most useful one. It works for both execution & post-plant scenarios. On top of that, the second cage is also “one-way”, giving you extra opportunities to obtain some kills as well.

Obviously, performing these lineups will also expose players to enemy crosshairs for long durations. Unless you want to become easy preys for the opponent, make sure that your teammates have every critical off-angles & corner checked.

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