VALORANT to Introduce Profile Codes for Sharing Crosshair

VALORANT Players will soon be able to share their crosshair profiles using “Profile Codes”.

Released in 2020, VALORANT is a hero-based tactical 5v5 shooter game developed by Riot Games. There are two teams in VALORANT, and they are assigned to two sides, attacking and defending. Attackers fight to plant and detonate the spike or eliminate all defenders, while Defenders have to stop attackers from detonating the spike or eliminate them.

Riot has made VALORANT free to play but uses microtransactions to monetize it. Every couple of weeks, Riot introduces a new Skin Bundle which basically consists of weapon cosmetics and in-game consumables.

But, for a long time now, the VALORANT community has been asking for a way to share crosshair settings with friends and other players. A recent leak suggests that Riot Games has considered this suggestion and will soon introduce a feature to share crosshair settings.

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Player Profiles for Sharing Crosshair

Crosshairs are the on-screen fixed target markers that indicate where the bullet will hit. Players have to move their crosshairs to aim at enemies. VALORANT provides a crosshair editing section in the settings menu where players can customize their crosshair to their preference.

crosshair settings
Image Credit: Riot Games

A Well-known VALORANT leaker, ValorLeaks, Tweeted on Saturday that a crosshair sharing function will reportedly be added to the game soon. This will be done by uploading crosshair settings under personal “Profile Codes”. Anyone with the player’s profile code will be able to apply it in their settings and use the player’s crosshair.

Recently, Riot Games has shifted focus on improving the player experience over adding new agents and maps to the game. This new crosshair sharing function is a part of that initiative. Riot is yet to announce this crosshair sharing feature officially, so take it with a grain of salt. We will be sure to share any info about this topic once it comes to light.

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