Valorant to incorporate Game Mode Rotations every two weeks!

This year Riot introduced new limited-time game modes to Valorant. With the community enjoying these modes, Riot plans for these to be available on a rotation basis.

Valorant started out with its three main modes. Competitive mode, which is the place to showcase your skills and climb the ranks. Unrated mode is basically the same but without ranks to worry about. And lastly Spike rush was a short and fun mode.

Deathmatch was introduced later on which was a free-for-all and a good way to warm up your aim before jumping into Unrated or Competitive.

Another new mode added for Christmas was the Snowball fight. The Player movement was made similar to skating on ice and had a modified version of Brimstone’s Molly launcher to launch snowballs.

Escalation was another fun mode similar to a Gun game in Valorant. Teams would have the same weapon and would have to get kills in order to progress on to the next weapon.

Lastly, Replication was the newest mode added to Valorant. Here players would vote to select an Agent and all players of a team would have the same agent. A team of unlimited flash Breaches/Skyes or a team of chain resurrecting Sages were some of the most broken compositions in this mode.

Riot has decided to keep these modes on a Rotation basis. Every 2 weeks it would change from Escalation, Replication, and Snowball fight. This way, players could have a breath of fresh air with the new modes and keep the game dynamic. Also, this suggests that Riot could be planning more unique and fun modes for the future.

This is definitely a step in the right direction giving players new modes to have fun in as well as they would be able to play their favorite modes in fixed intervals.

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