VALORANT to add a “Downed” feature which might be part of a new game mode

Valorleaks, one of the most well-known and credible sources of Valorant leaks has revealed in-game data pointing to a “Downed” mechanic.

In Valorant usually, when a player dies he is unable to play further in the round in cased of Spike Rush, Unrated & Competitive, or respawn after a short time in Deathmatch & Escalation. Unless a Sage ultimate is used, there is no other way to revive that player. But in some other games, when a player’s HP is depleted he gets into a “downed” state. In this state, he is unable to attack any enemies and has restricted movement as well. That player will still be in the game but will require some sort of equipment or the help of teammates to continue the game.

For a competitive tactical round-based shooter like VALORANT, the addition of a downed feature is indeed quite interesting. This might also lead to the implementation of a sort of possible Battle Royale Mode in VALORANT as the downed-revive mechanic is widely used in those games like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Apex Legends.

More information on the “Downed” status

  • Downed health = 100HP.
  • Revived health = 50HP
  • Max downed time = 15s.
  • Revive time = 2 seconds.
  • Revive Range = 2 metres .
  • “REVIVE” and “REVIVING” will show as you get close to a downed player.

The addition of this feature will definitely pique the interest of the VALORANT community. It is not confirmed if it will be a Battle Royale but there definitely seems to be a new mode that will implement this new mechanic.

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