VALORANT: This Ion Phantom animation will improve your recoil control

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Ion Phantom is a recently released Premium tier skin that costs 1775 VP.

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Handling gun recoil in VALORANT is a difficult task. The game now offers two primary Assault rifles. While Vandal’s recoil pattern is very challenging to master, Phantom allows a more straightforward solution to the problem. Professional VALORANT players aren’t neutral about the gun selection either. Players like ScreaM prefer Phantom over the Vandal for many obvious reasons. 

In early November of this year, Riot released the Ion Bundle. This bundle slightly resembles a bond between Halo & Mass Effect. Aside from its futuristic outlook, Ion Phantom packs some exclusive animations. However, Redditor C0L0R has found an interesting way to utilize Ion Phantom’s animation to determine recoil patterns. 

There is a small-sized power core located just above the magazine of Ion Phantom. If you hold on to the trigger long enough, the core’s rotary segment will spark in a random pattern. Here, the random occurrence of electrical interference is actually indicating an unstable recoil pattern of the Phantom. Even though it’s hard to notice, this animation might help players assume when to reset the rifle for better accuracy.

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In comparison with other conventional FPS titles, VALORANT’s store is full of expensive skins. Currently, there are five different tiers of skins in the game. Premium tier skins include a variety of animations to reflect their unique styles.

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