VALORANT: TenZ suggests weapon and movement nerfs

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Cloud9 YouTube Channel

Esports influencer & primary duelist for Cloud9 Blue, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo believes that RIOT should change some in-game mechanics.

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Over the past few days, some of TenZ’s interesting shooting tips spread like wildfire. VALORANT players are disappointed about the “Run & Gun” mechanics of the game. As shown by TenZ, shooting while in motion is possible in VALORANT. The incredible accuracy of the Phantom while running is unbelievable.
Video Credit: TopClips

A competitive shooter like VALORANT cannot allow players to simultaneously run and shoot with great accuracy. TenZ’s experiment with Phantom revealed the casual characteristics of the game. However, he also proposed some changes to RIOT regarding these issues.

As specified by Tyson, accuracy should decrease while running and shooting at the same time. To restore VALORANT’s competitive nature, RIOT should dispatch an immediate fix for this. Besides that, professional players are complaining about The Classic’s “3 shot burst” ability. It’s tough to deal with the sidearm’s three-round burst in a close-quarter encounter. Now, according to Tyson, there should be a variable damage range for Classic.

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The Icebox was introduced back in October, which sparked many debates in the VALORANT community. As a standalone feature, RIOT added Ziplines to the map. Recently, some players discovered the true potential of the Ziplines. Sliding and shooting from the Ziplines can be very accurate at times, which further decreases Icebox’s legitimacy as a competitive map. In Tyson’s opinion, Ziplines should not be a platform for high-accuracy engagements.

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