VALORANT Team Face an 18 Month ban for ringing and non-cooperation

A Professional Valorant Clan, Team Besties has been found to have utilized unregistered players which were in strict violations of the rules set by Riot.

During VALORANT Game changers, a clan named Team Besties was found to be ringing in multiple matches. When Riot launched an investigation, the female team refused to cooperate. Later, they were found guilty and were heavily punished for Ringing as well as non-cooperation.

Ringing refers to the act of officially registering an account in a player’s name but having an unregistered person playing in that account to gain a competitive advantage. For Valorant Game Changers, Team Besties had the following players registered in their roster:

  • Jenna “koi” Tang
  • Katie “kateuuu” Tran
  • Mia “kei” Leong
  • Jasmine “memrice” Huynh
  • Jennifer “wetboosy” Li
  • Bella “soju” Rierad

In the open qualifiers of the tournament, the activities of Kei sprouted suspicion. In the first 5 games of the tournament, she had a stable 52ms ping and played Sova with a K/D of -39 across those games. But in the consecutive matches vs Invicta and 100emoji, she had 68ms ping and played Jett & Reyna. Furthermore, she ended those games with a K/D that skyrocketed to +44.

The ping difference coupled along with her change in agents and a surprising leap in performance began to arouse suspicion among the tournament organizers. Voice recordings of the matches show that the team was involved in communicating with an unregistered player and switched that player in place of Kei in her account to play in place of her.

When Riot charged the team with the claim, they outright denied the account sharing incident. After a thorough investigation, Riot was able to confirm that Kei’s account had been signed in from different locations in the course of the matches played in Valorant Game Changers.

According to Rule 7.2.7 of the VALORANT Global Competition Policy, acts of ringing warrant a suspension for one year for the players and the coach from any association or affiliation with a team in an official Riot event. Additionally, because the team denied the claims, they have violated rule 8.1 which bans them for a further 6 months bringing the total ban period to 18 months. Read the full details here.

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